Video Footage: Male Kestrel Feeding


Situated on a working organic farm in a unique setting, around the old barn buildings offering some fantastic close up views and photographic opportunities of some of the UK’s most beautiful birds, both Kestrel and

Video Footage: Male Kestrel Feeding2018-03-14T17:01:01+00:00

The Paddock: Ep1


Scott Latham welcomes you to his vBlog series & YouTube channel, and introduces you to the wildlife on his patch known as 'The Paddock'.

The Paddock: Ep12018-01-29T18:34:11+00:00

TrailCam Footage: Male + Female Buzzards


This pair of buzzards have been breeding in the oak wood, using an old Goshawk nest, next to my buzzard hide for at least 5 years now raising 11 chicks in that time. They often

TrailCam Footage: Male + Female Buzzards2018-01-29T18:29:34+00:00

TrailCam Footage: Scent Marking Badger


I was exciting to check the trail cam footage whenever it is placed at a badger sett. This particular day was extra exciting to witness something fairly rare to see, with a Badger from the

TrailCam Footage: Scent Marking Badger2018-01-29T18:25:15+00:00

TrailCam Footage: Urban Fox


I've always had an obsession with foxes. Such amazing animals that have managed to adapt perfectly to humans encroaching on their land. During 2015 I spent sometime photographing foxes in an urban environment close to

TrailCam Footage: Urban Fox2018-01-29T18:21:25+00:00